One of the first worries of this ompany is keeping a high service level, and we get it by different tools that let us achieve and conserve it.

Some of our tools are:

  • Constant renewal of our fleet of vehicles (Improves availbility and reduces pollution)
  • Continuing training of our staff.
  • New technologies implementation, either for our offices or for field works.
    • GPS equipment
    • Data/voice equipment for drivers
    • Control system of tires pressure to avoid unexpected punctures
  • Intranet access service for our customers that avoid them to get ON-LINE information abour the services currently carrying out and let them being informed about when the load has been made, how much has been loaded, when will the load arrive to the production line, etc.

It is by these means and the quality and environmental policies that we achieve a high degree of satisfaction of our customers that is kept over time in line with the procedures designed for it and for respecting the surrounding environment.