THE FOURTIES – We are a family owned transportation business whose tradition comes from the fourties, when we bougth our first truck for short distances freight transport.


THE SIXTIES –  After several years in the sector, Guillermo Diego Marcos, his son, founded Transportes Diego, firm started to run in the dairy isdustry from an operation center in Bilbao. Few years after, the company moved to Cantabria, and it began making transport and distriution of milk through the country. the continued growth led it to the owning of 20 tanks and became a go-to company in the sector for the next two decades.

THE NINETIES – Pedro Diego, third generation, founded DARECO as transportes_diego1a specialized firm in collecting transport throuhg Asturias and Andalucía at first. Sometime after it got some vehicles for distribution that worked basically in Andalucía and let grow the services given.

YEAR 2003 – This year the firms Transportes Diego and Dareco merged and the result was a new company called DIEGO DARECO, a firm that supplied national services of either of collecting and distribution.

FROM 2003… Since this moment the company began a very important expanding process, extending its frontiers  and supplying distribution transport through all Europe in order to attend the needs of  its customers and rising a vehicles volume of 92 units.

Currently, the firm is involved in a improvement process that drives it to the implementation of the latest technologies, new qualities standards and innovative work processes.